At Ferns Boarding Kennels and Cattery, we take great pride in offering your beloved pet the best possible experience they possibly can have.

We have a selection of spacious state of the art kennels and sleep benches. We operate a " Dog out" policy which means that as far as possible, dogs will be out in exercise yards most of the day and will only go into their kennel at night.

Depending on the owners wishes, dogs can be mixed with suitable playmates during their stay, under supervision at all times. The older or less sociable dogs will be walked instead, or given a yard of their own

Our facility is insulated throughout and we have heat lamps in place for those colder days. We regularly clean and disinfect all surfaces and food and drinking bowls. Our kennels and yards are all very secure and it will be a safe place for even the most ardent escape artists


We supply the Gain range of dry food. If your pet has special requirements, we ask that you bring their own food.


We will happily administer any medication or vaccines that your pet needs free of charge.


While each dog sleeps on a raised bench, you are welcome to bring their individual bed or blanket if you feel it will help them. While we allow toys, please don't bring the squeaky variety as it can annoy the others. Please note that sometimes dogs will rip their beds or toys and we can't be responsible for them, so sometimes you may not get them back.


Our premises and all pets staying are all insured by "Pet Business Insurance Ireland Ltd."


Please note that no pet will be accepted to board without up to date vaccination certificates and in the case of dogs to include Kennel Cough vaccination. There are no exceptions considered. Your pet must also be up to date with its worming and delousing schedule


Payment must be made upon arrival or on collection, no exceptions. We can set up standing orders for long term boarding. We may also ask for a €30 booking deposit for the busy summer months and public holiday periods

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